Dental Veneers

If you are constantly chipped old restoration or you have defects in tooth enamel, ugly tooth color, tooth sensitivity, then you need to install veneers!

Veneers are thin ceramic plates with high strength, which are fixed to the surface of the teeth. Ceramic veneers are durable to wear and do not require frequent replacement. Your smile will acquire a healthy and beautiful look, it will increase self-esteem and add self-confidence!


Veneers are thin, highly durable veneers that are fixed to the tooth surface. With the help of veneers, you can achieve an even and white smile, an almost perfect shape of the teeth.

Many have heard about the technology of veneers in Kiev, but do not even realize all the advantages of this method. If the patient suffers from a disease such as fluorosis, enamel defects, or ugly crevices between the teeth, veneers are the best way to restore the aesthetics of the tooth.

With veneers, it is impossible to correct a bite or serious jaw disorders, however, you can easily and quickly hide the external imperfections of the teeth, for example, their incorrect position, cracks, chips or darkening of the color.

How veneers are installed in Kiev

To prepare the surface of the tooth for the installation of the veneer, the dentist removes part of the tooth enamel, “cleaning” in this way the place of attachment. The patient’s natural teeth may become sensitive to cold and heat, but this will disappear over time. Installation of lumineers does not require removal of the enamel, which makes the technology more in demand among patients.

With the help of special equipment, a digital fingerprint is scanned. The data is transferred to a professional laboratory, where the permanent veneer is already made. This procedure usually takes about 2 weeks. During the waiting period, the patient is fitted with temporary pads that will protect the enamel from external irritants.

Finished veneers are glued with a special compound. The technology is available not only for natural teeth but also for previously installed crowns.

Benefits of veneers

Ceramic veneers are durable and do not require frequent replacement; both one tooth and a whole row can be restored. The only color is selected individually, taking into account all the wishes of the patient. You can make them invisible and close to the shade of your own teeth, or with the help of unique technology, you can get a perfectly snow-white smile. One of the advantages of the technology is the fact that when installing veneers in Kiev, the health of the patient’s neighboring teeth does not suffer. How your smile will look after restoration can be seen on a special computer model.

Restoration of dental aesthetics with veneers in Kiev is a relatively inexpensive procedure that every Ukrainian can afford. The method is suitable even for those patients for whom other methods are not available for health reasons.

If you are tired of being ashamed of the curvature and unhealthy appearance of your teeth, correction methods do not give the desired result, try installing Kiev veneers right now! The pads will easily hide even old darkened fillings, giving your smile a graceful and radiant look. Perfectly straight teeth and a snow-white smile will increase self-esteem and give self-confidence.

Prices for Dental Veneers

  • Consultation with an orthopedic dentist
    400 грн
  • All-ceramic ZnO2 restoration
    8000 грн
  • Fixation of the crown
    500 грн
  • Digital scan 1 jaw
    750 грн
  • Diagnostic modeling Wox-up 1 tooth (wax modeling)
    400 грн
  • E-max all-ceramic restoration, veneer
    10000 грн
  • Template for the correct determination of the position of the future orthopedic structure
    1500 грн
  • A composite temporary crown made by a direct method (in the office)
    500 грн
The list of procedures presented is not complete and is presented to inform patients about the price level. The exact and final cost of treatment can only be compiled with a personal consultation with a dentist. Any of the presented procedures may require additional manipulations, which are also paid according to the price list.