Dental Treatment

Our specialists treat teeth with a modern dental microscope and perform the following techniques:

  • Caries treatment
  • Treatment of the root system of the tooth
  • Removing a foreign body from the canal
  • Removal of old seals and pins

Dental treatment

Our specialists use high-quality materials that are selected individually for each patient and are guaranteed to ensure durability and excellent results.

Treatment of teeth and root canals under a microscope

Modern dentistry today has gone far ahead and is ready to offer patients high-quality and safe services. Dental treatment under a microscope is one of the newest and highly demanded technologies that allows avoiding medical errors during dental procedures and performing manipulations with maximum accuracy and precision.

The use of a microscope in dentistry

The dental microscope ensures the thoroughness of all procedures. The dentist, with the microscope, can see even hard-to-reach areas – those that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The result of blind work without the use of microscopy is inflammation, which can even lead to a complete loss of a tooth.

1-Endodontic treatment

The therapist carries out the treatment of teeth canals under a microscope most effectively. Using the equipment, you can keep your teeth healthy, eliminate lesions at the initial stages. In addition, unsuccessful treatment with the device is excluded.

2-Treatment of the roots of teeth under a microscope for advanced forms of caries

The doctor can carry out the manipulations thoroughly since the device provides good visibility. A dental microscope also allows you to see microcracks so that the specialist can install the filling tightly.

3-Removing old fillings and pins

Using a dental microscope, it is easy to remove the working material with minimal risk of injury.

4-Removal of foreign body and canal

Due to the negligence of some dentists, there are cases when the remains of instruments remain in the root canal. With a microscope, debris is removed quickly and painlessly.

Prices for treatment under a Microscope

  • Dentist consultation
    400 грн
  • Оptragate
    150 грн
  • Conductive anesthesia
    350 грн
  • Mechanical treatment of one canal for periodontitis
    1800 грн
  • Canal filling (1 canal)
    1090 грн
  • Revision of difficult root canals
    1799 грн
  • Sterile set
    300 грн
  • Restoration of the tooth wall for endotherapy
    800 грн
  • Mechanical treatment of one canal for pulpitis
    999 грн
  • Perforation closure
    599 грн
  • Treatment of 1 surface caries with composite
    1500 грн
  • Temporary filling
    199 грн
  • Treatment of caries without filling with "icon" technology 1 tooth
    1700 грн
The list of procedures presented is not complete and is presented to inform patients about the price level. The exact and final cost of treatment can only be compiled with a personal consultation with a dentist. Any of the presented procedures may require additional manipulations, which are also paid according to the price list