Dental Implants

Modern implantation involves achieving maximum aesthetic results. Dental implantation contributes to the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of patients with tooth loss. The high level of qualification of our dentists, the modern equipment and the multidisciplinary approach allow to reach the most effective results of implant treatment even in difficult clinical situations. We have selected the best dental implants from world manufacturers with a guarantee from 1 year to life.

Dental implantation

High-quality dental implantation according to the advanced technique of any complexity using the dental systems of world leaders. With minimal risk of re-implantation. Quality assurance.

Now almost every dental clinic in Kyiv provides a dental implantation service. Moreover, in world practice, dental implants have been widely used for several decades to restore dentition in patients with edentulousness. Today, the implantologist is faced with the task of not only restoring the patient’s chewing function.

Modern implantation involves achieving the maximum aesthetic result, especially when it comes to implantation in the so-called “smile zone”. Thus, dental implantation contributes to the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of patients with tooth loss. The high level of qualifications of our doctors, modern equipment, and a multidisciplinary approach in our network of clinics allow us to achieve the most effective results of implant treatment even in difficult clinical situations.

Stages of implantation at the Mary Care Dental Clinic

1-Inspection and installation of the implant

Full oral cavity sanitation, CT diagnostics. On CT, we determine the volume of the jaw bone tissue, the anatomical location of the future implant (on the upper jaw, the volume of the maxillary sinus, on the lower jaw, the mandibular nerve). We select the size of dental implants and plan surgical intervention.

2-Formation of the gums

Depending on the implant system, after 1.5 – 3 months on the lower jaw, and after 3-6 months on the upper jaw, we install the gingiva formers to form the gingival edge of the future crown.

3-Digital Scan

Digital scan for the future crown.

4-Making a Crown

Cementation of the crown on this day or the next, depending on the type of material chosen.

Dental implants of the STRAUMANN System

These implants are highly reliable and are used in various non-standard situations. The manufacturer uses a special Roxolid alloy (85% titanium and 15% zirconium) to ensure that the smaller implant (narrow and short) will reliably serve the patient. The compact size allows you to avoid bone grafting and reduce trauma during implantation. The special coating SLActive accelerates osseointegration and accelerates healing from 6-8 weeks to 3-4 weeks. Dentists choose Straumann implants because they are guaranteed to last a long time and solve a dental problem of any complexity.

Dental implants of the MEGAGEN System

These implants allow working under the “instant loading” protocol, that is, immediately after the implant is installed, the prosthesis itself can be installed (if there are indications for such implantation). Dentists choose this type of implant when the patient has a lack of bone tissue. After all, Speed coatings facilitate the implantation of the implant, and the special KnifeThread thread ensures the stability of the implant for various types of bones.


Before proceeding with surgery and implantation of the implant, the dentist examines the patient’s oral cavity. It is also necessary to pass tests and undergo additional examinations.

Preparation for dental implantation

After identifying problem areas, the oral cavity is thoroughly sanitized and all carious foci, inflammatory processes, and other pathologies are eliminated without exception.

Implant installation

Implantation is carried out by several specialists at once: a dental surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. The implant engraftment period is two to six months. This period depends on the complexity of the surgical intervention and the individual characteristics of the human body.

Prices for implantation

  • Consultation with a dentist-implantologist
    400 грн
  • Conduction anesthesia
    350 грн
  • Installation of a mini-implant
    4500 грн
  • Installation of the MegaGen AnyOne gum shaper
    2000 грн
  • Sterile set
    300 грн
  • Installation of the Straumann Roxolid SLActive implant (Switzerland)
    21000 грн
  • Installation of the Straumann Roxolid implant (Switzerland)
    17 500грн
  • Installation of the MegaGen AnyOne implant (Korea)
    12500 грн
  • Installation of the Straumann gum shaper
    3100 грн
  • Placement of an end cap on the Straumann implant (Switzerland)
    2000 грн
  • Placing a plug on the MegaGen AnyOne implant (South Korea)
    2000 грн
  • Stitch removal
    250 грн
  • Suturing
    250 грн
The list of procedures presented is not complete and is presented to inform patients about the price level. The exact and final cost of treatment can only be compiled with a personal consultation with a dentist. Any of the presented procedures may require additional manipulations, which are also paid according to the price list.