Modern materials, the latest equipment, the professionalism of doctors, an individual approach to each patient and a great desire to help guarantee high-quality and reliable works.


A nice and a healthy smile is the main goal of the doctors in our clinic. A Hollywood smile is not a dream but an opportunity and reality of every patient. Cosmetic dentistry solves quite a lot of problems such as teeth discoloration, irregular shape, diastemas, malocclusion, caries, mechanical injuries and many others.

In Mary Care Dental Clinic, a dental restoration is carried out by highly qualified doctors with great work experience and deep knowledge in dentistry that improve in practice every day.
We carry out the following methods of a dental restoration:

•Restoration in the oral cavity, using modern composite materials of the world’s leading firms;

•Indirect restoration that is making a cover or a crown in the laboratory which are fixed on the teeth later on. In particular veneers that are a popular method of indirect teeth restoration which helps to restore the aesthetic feature of teeth as exact as