3Shape Digital Scanner

We use advanced techniques in dental treatment. Mary Care Dental Digital Dentistry has introduced the 3 Shape TRIOS digital scanner into its practice. 3Shape Trios (digital scanning of teeth) is not just taking impressions, it is precision in the manufacture of future orthopedic structures, restorations, inlays, proper implant planning. With this device, you no longer need to enter the patient’s mouth imprint and spoon, as this method causes discomfort, nausea and a number of other factors. With the help of a digital device, the patient receives a comfortable treatment, accurate and long-lasting result of our work.

Digital Scanner 3 Shape TRIOS

Dental Clinic Mary Care has introduced the new technology 3 Shape Trios into its medical practice.

3Shape Trios (digital scanning of teeth) is not just taking impressions, it is precise in the manufacture of future prosthetics, restoration, inlays, correct planning of implantation.

As previously received the cast

The impression mass is placed in a special spoon, then the spoon with the impression mass is introduced into the patient’s oral cavity, the dentist must firmly push the spoon to the teeth. This way of taking an impression can cause discomfort, nausea, and several other factors.

As with 3Shape

No impression material is used with the 3 Shape technology. The dentist uses a 3 Shape scanner and takes a digital image.

What are the impressions of the procedure?

Quickness without causing discomfort, because there is no impression material in the oral cavity.

Ideal for patients with the gag reflex.

High-quality clinical results – 100% adherence to future crowns, veneers.

Fewer visits to the doctor, no need for repeated impressions.

Shorter reception times.

Prices for Digital Scanner

  • Simple

    Surgical template for correct determination of the position of the future orthopedic structure under the partial drilling protocol (Simple) 1 segment

    1500 грн
  • Complex

    Surgical template for 100% navigation under the full drilling protocol with a clear 3D position of the implant (complex) 1 segment

    3000 грн
  • Digital scan

    Digital scan 1 jaw

    750 грн